The Rise Of The Hedge Fund Startup Investor (Again)


The first question I thought of when I read that San Francisco hedge fund Coatue Management was the backer behind Snapchat’s $50 million round of funding was which VC firm lost the deal. My second question was why take money from a hedge fund?

In the past two years or so, you have seen more hedge funds dabbling in tech investing. As one venture investor put it in 2011, “They are the antichrist of patient, supportive early-stage investing. But increasingly, hedge funds are scoring some of the deals you would expect traditional VCs to get. Case in point — Snapchat. Over the past few weeks, I spoke to a dozen or so public and private market investors around this trend, why it is taking place, and what it means for founders.

Coatue isn’t the first “cross-over” fund (an investment fund that crosses over to the private from the public markets)…

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A Networking Protocol For Labor

I think this is a great space to experiment, pushing the boundaries and allowing more diverse sets of individualized solutions to emerge. The flip-side is education, which allows new users and/or job-seekers to take advantage of the new opportunities. The possibilities are astronomical.


The core advancement of the Internet was the capability to move information very quickly across a decentralized network of nodes. That advancement was predicated on the development of protocols like HTTP, SMTP and Bitcoin that codified how such data should move to accomplish our tasks.

Despite this level of progress, we continue to lack the ability to request labor over the web using a standardized protocol. It’s not for lack of trying. Elance was one of the first attempts to aggregate freelancers online through a bidding marketplace, all the way back in 1998. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk was launched in 2005 to create a processing infrastructure for work units that could be easily handled by humans but were difficult for computers to process. Newer startups like TaskRabbit have tried to take the lessons of these pioneers and make labor marketplaces more approachable.

We need to do better than this if we…

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Your Blog, Plus One: Connect and Share on Google+

The Blog

We’re excited to announce new features that integrate your site with some of the services Google has to offer. New features include:

Connect to your Google+ Profile

Google+ Profile

Linking to your Google+ Profile creates an official connection between your content and your Google+ account. The benefit? It adds a layer of verification, confirming you are the author of your posts, and helps Google understand who created certain pages, which helps to increase the accuracy of search results.

In some cases, Google may also use this information to make your posts stand out more in search results by including your Google+ Profile information next to your listing.

Connection highlights

  • The display name that appears on your posts will use your Google+ Real…

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Chrome Extension for Notifications Improved!

The Blog

Do you use Google Chrome as your web browser? We’ve got a pretty nifty Chrome Extension for that allows you to post to your site with a click of a button, and follow other blogs without having to visit We’re pleased to announce Chrome Extension version 1.3, featuring push messaging and rich notifications.

Notifications will now be pushed to your browser and displayed like other native notifications in Chrome. The preferences page within the extension allows you to choose the types of notifications that you wish to see.

Here’s what push messaging looks like in the Chrome extension. Clean and unobtrusive:

Here’s what rich notifications look like for as seen in the Chrome extension. Also clean. Also unobtrusive:

If you’ve already got the Chrome extension installed, your version will get updated automatically. If you haven’t already installed it, download it from the Chrome Store

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Let’s Blog, Copy Hackers.

Hadley Co Lab

“Train of thought can get you killed.”

Here’s a great article on Growth Hackers, ultimately we write our own definition. I don’t call myself a growth hacker, somebody else called me a growth hacker and I’ve been on a tear since. Your not Sean Ellis, Big fucking deal. Nobody really cares what your title is anyway, it matters, but in the end it is what you make it.

So the point of the article is: Process vs. Tactics…this is a well written article but I think it goes to show how little we’ve “tapped in” to when you’re talking about the value of growth hackers within any organization, but start ups specifically.


With Copy-Hackers, it’s essentially the same idea, a growth hacker puts on the “copy hacker” hat often enough in my view of things, but they can certainly be distinct roles in a startup. Both tie into…

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Startup Business Development

We are the type of company that doesn’t waste time, if you have a chance to meet with any of our executives it is sure to be an engaging and valuable experience for you and your company. As a Company, we strive to be a growing part of the community, and it is our mission to bring new opportunities and connections to small businesses in Western Massachusetts.

We don’t preach ideas, we live by them. We are taking a chance by offering a free consultation to ANYONE in the UMass/5 College community because we really believe that creating an open environment for people to collaborate and share ideas is the key to success. Our Success is defined by the experiences and opportunities we bring to our clients.