A Networking Protocol For Labor

I think this is a great space to experiment, pushing the boundaries and allowing more diverse sets of individualized solutions to emerge. The flip-side is education, which allows new users and/or job-seekers to take advantage of the new opportunities. The possibilities are astronomical.


The core advancement of the Internet was the capability to move information very quickly across a decentralized network of nodes. That advancement was predicated on the development of protocols like HTTP, SMTP and Bitcoin that codified how such data should move to accomplish our tasks.

Despite this level of progress, we continue to lack the ability to request labor over the web using a standardized protocol. It’s not for lack of trying. Elance was one of the first attempts to aggregate freelancers online through a bidding marketplace, all the way back in 1998. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk was launched in 2005 to create a processing infrastructure for work units that could be easily handled by humans but were difficult for computers to process. Newer startups like TaskRabbit have tried to take the lessons of these pioneers and make labor marketplaces more approachable.

We need to do better than this if we…

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