Let’s Blog, Copy Hackers.

Hadley Co Lab

“Train of thought can get you killed.”

Here’s a great article on Growth Hackers, ultimately we write our own definition. I don’t call myself a growth hacker, somebody else called me a growth hacker and I’ve been on a tear since. Your not Sean Ellis, Big fucking deal. Nobody really cares what your title is anyway, it matters, but in the end it is what you make it. 


So the point of the article is: Process vs. Tactics…this is a well written article but I think it goes to show how little we’ve “tapped in” to when you’re talking about the value of growth hackers within any organization, but start ups specifically.


With Copy-Hackers, it’s essentially the same idea, a growth hacker puts on the “copy hacker” hat often enough in my view of things, but they can certainly be distinct roles in a startup. Both tie into…

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