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We are the type of company that doesn’t waste time, if you have a chance to meet with any of our executives it is sure to be an engaging and valuable experience for you and your company. As a Company, we strive to be a growing part of the community, and it is our mission to bring new opportunities and connections to small businesses in Western Massachusetts.

We don’t preach ideas, we live by them. We are taking a chance by offering a free consultation to ANYONE in the UMass/5 College community because we really believe that creating an open environment for people to collaborate and share ideas is the key to success. Our Success is defined by the experiences and opportunities we bring to our clients.


Diverse Work Experience

Entrepreneurs are thought of as being free thinkers. The key is finding a balance between the necessary structure, tasking and organization, and the freedom to explore new ways to solve problems. SDS is an organization designed to promote individuals capacity to generate and enumerate their own human capital. 

The business development process can be one of the greatest educational tools, especially when it comes to “teaching” entrepreneurship. I took my first class in entrepreneurship my junior year of college (2010), and that struck me personally as a moment of change and reflection. I found myself with the motivation that I always wanted. I had no problem getting the job done, but now it was fun …I came into college as a mechanical engineer, but quickly decided that wasn’t where I needed to be. I didn’t know where that would lead me at the time, but my interest in mathematics and education made the switch to the math department a “level off” transition of sorts.

I spent a semester as a math undergrad before declaring Actuarial Mathematics as my primary major-track. This allowed me to embark on a new program with the university, one which would ultimately include three concentrations, math, economics and finance. Ultimately, I arrived to my graduation ceremony with not only a subtly confident entrepreneurial spirit, ready to take on the world, but with a curated talent in the extremest forms of mathematics. High School Dropouts can have their colloquialism. The foundation and respect for all industries and all nations that I developed during my college career, and especially their relation to the natural world and the scope of our long term sustainability  is something I wouldn’t advise anyone to go without or misrepresent.

That said, School’s Out. We’re going to get Lean and learn by doing. Can’t wait to see who comes along for the ride. I am motivated and driven to bring this opportunity to UMass and other’s around Western Mass.

Sullivan Development Services


My name is Dan Sullivan, CEO of Sullivan Development Services. This blog is intended to provide an outlet for content related to Business Development, Digital Media Marketing, and Funding Early Stage Ventures.

At SDS, we believe anyone can be an entrepreneur in today’s society. Not only do we want to help start ups and small businesses, but we also want to engage with individuals in a corporate setting. Allowing them to use our services to complete innovative projects within their organization gives them a chance to elevate their status within the company. 

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If you want to know more about our Western Massachusetts Business Incubator programs, check out the Berkshire Design Lab and Hadley Co Lab.